Monday, 9 February 2015

Bienvenue en France

Cold. That's the first word that pops into my mind when asked how the first weeks in France have been. Cold and rainy.
I've got to admit I was a bit scared of the winter, after running away from it the last 3 years, but although the weather wasn't great until now, it wasn't bad either. Nothing that appropriate clothing can't fix.

Unlike the weather I've had a very warm welcome in France. My little apartment is great (although a bit lonely) and all my teammates are very kind and friendly. As expected I do struggle a bit with the language as the French tend to word-vomit at you even though they know you have trouble understanding them, but many times I've been told my French is superb and I will be fluent in a few weeks (hah! I'd be a fool to believe that!)

In the search for better weather conditions we left the rainy Nantes for a weeks long training camp at the stunning Spanish east coast (Lloret De Mar). It was amazing! I had 7 wonderful days on and off the bike; getting to know my team colleagues better, finally riding some mountain passes again, first time riding with ice and snow on the road (yes the bad weather followed us), having a snowball-fight on top of a climb after a hard workout, a recovery day riding along the beach with a coffee stop on the promenade... I could go on. There's definitely a reason why so many pro cyclists live in and around that area.

Although I did miss being at Nam Champs this year (congratulations to all the winners), I still feel it was the right decision. My first race will be this Saturday and I can't wait to get the season started. The following 8 days I will have 5 more races, so it's really time to get the race-face on.

Also best of luck to the Namibian National Team that started the African Champs today. Once again sorry I can't be there with you guys and girls.

That's all for now.

A bientôt

Climbs, you will be missed

Re-fuelling on top of a snowy climb

Un petit café

Going off the front in a friendly race on the last day

Team Photoshoot

Let the season begin!

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