Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Plages Vendéennes - Saint Hilaire de Riez

It was a beautiful sunny morning as we drove off towards the coast for the 6th and last race of the Plages Vendéennes. It was a flat circuit that we had to cover 8 times. So flat in fact that I'm sure if you open up your dictionary and search for the word "flat" it will give you the definition "circuit of the 6th Plage Vendéenne race 2015 in Saint Hilaire de Riez". 

The weather however, fooled us all. As we were heading to the start line clouds came up and it got darker and darker as the race commenced. The first 3 laps were dry but then it started nibbling down. Luckily never for a long time or big drops so that the shoes and feet stayed comfortably dry. 

The race was relatively uneventful for me. Lots of corners and small roads strung out the peloton lots of times, however it never broke. Although I tried staying at the front again, it didn't work out as planned and most of the time I was just hanging on, trying to ignore my tired, hurting legs and not get dropped. 

My teammate Kevin (who was so kind to let me stay at his house for the week) however had a better race, being in the first breakaway earning himself the maillot points chauds and the maillot du combiné. 

The race ended in a bunch sprint and after I got caught up by a massive crash in the last 800m I cruised to the line, glad that this madness was over without hitting the deck myself. 

Although I've had some difficult times at the Plages Vendéennes and made some big mistakes, I enjoyed the solid week of racing and took a lot of motivation from it. I know my legs are good but now it's time to work on the bunch skills again. 
Also I'm sure if I recover well this week I will gain a lot of power from the 6 races I did in the last 9 days. 

So now it's time to put the legs up for a bit (not completely of course) and prepare for the Vallée de la Loire which takes place the day before my birthday. 

Salut et a bientôt.

Re-fuelling with Apurna, our nutrition sponsor

My view for most of the race

Kevin with one of his earned jerseys


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