Sunday, 15 February 2015

Plages Vendéennes - Soullans

Aaaaand the racing is on! A little bit later than usual for me but I'm glad to fill my weekends with some excitement from now on.

We started the season with the so called Plages Vendéennes. A series of 6 races over the course of 9 days. Not a tour though; teams are allowed to change riders from race to race. I have been chosen to do all of them from our management. Great stuff since flat, fast, windy and cold/wet racing suits me so well (I'm being sarcastic). 

The first one we got spared of the bad weather, it actually turned out to be a really nice day. However the course was flat as a pancake and extremely windy. 

I struggled my way through the peloton for the first 25 km, managing to stay upright during a few crashes, just to get caught out in the first bordure (French word for cross-wind or gutter). Well that's a not a good start to the season!
Luckily a big group got caught out and we made our way back to the peloton.

The next lap I was fighting extra hard to be well placed and actually stayed with the front group where i got dropped last time. However the bordure continued for a long time and finally someone 5 riders ahead of me couldn't hold the wheel and damned us all.

That was that.

The grupetto turned out to be huge and kept swelling as more and more guys were getting dropped upfront.
Later one team even took over the lead of the grupetto and it was starting to get hard again. But we did catch up with the peloton soon and now there were less than 30 riders ahead of us.

We had one guy in the top 10 who was pretty isolated in the front group as most other teams had 2 riders there. Hopefully the next race will be better.

First bordure

The team in control

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