Monday, 16 March 2015

Nantes Segré

I woke up with tired legs the morning of Nantes Segré and knew it wouldn't be my best day, but I was motivated to at least try to animate the race in some way.

At first I was struggling a bit with my positioning again, but as soon as I made it to the front, I covered as many moves as possible.

Actually for a moment I thought I was in the good breakaway of the day, as we got a small gap with a handful of riders and all bigger teams were represented. But somehow the peloton never gave us much space (maybe because there were 4 riders of our team represented) and after some tough kilometers at the front we got reeled in again.

Again I tried to cover some moves, but on a steep short climb I just didn't have enough power to follow the first 13 riders that gapped the rest. Unfortunately we only had one teammate in that group who was isolated by other teams having the numbers over him.
So we called the team together and started working to keep the gap constant. Unfortunately we were all a bit tired, but kept the gap relatively close.

Shortly before we came onto the finishing circuit (at around 115km) Cholet attacked with three riders and unfortunately having pulled a big turn at the front just before that I couldn't follow. Two teammates managed to follow though and I was happy that although I had worked quite hard before I could still stay in the group just behind. Unfortunately we didn't manage to come back.

On the finishing circuit I pulled a few strong turns at the front to warm up a bit (it was still quite cold) and to gain a bit of strength because I had recovery the next day.
When the young guns started boxing around for position to sprint for around 30th place however i stayed out of it. 30th or 62nd place... Doesn't make a difference and is not worth crashing.

Next weekend is another chance for us at Locminé.

Pre-race briefing

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