Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Grand Prix U

A bit strange to race on a Wednesday when it's not the start of a Tour, but it's not like we have anything better to do. So we packed the van and headed to the beautiful northern city of Erquy.

The sun was out but a cool wind was blowing, which made the first few neutral kilometers rather unpleasant. But as usual the racing heated up quick and so did the body temperature.
In the first 50 km in was right in the mix, always going with the moves, following attacks and being well positioned before the climbs.

Then however a rather large group went clear and I still found myself in the peloton. I didn't panic though, because it was a headwind all the way to the line and somehow here in Brittany teams always work, occasionally even when they have a rider in the break. Turned out that I was right. 2 teams committed and all I had to do was be careful not to get caught out in the crosswinds, which turned out to be rather difficult as there were plenty of them.

On the finishing circuit we were already close to the break, but my legs were starting to fade a bit and it was an absolute chaos as attacks were flying left and right without a pause. Unfortunately I was the only one from our team not in the break or too tired to follow the attacks, so I was all on my own.
A few riders from the peloton jumped across to the break and in the last 3 kilometers 2 riders including my teammate went clear of that break again. They managed to hold their lead to the line but sadly the other rider was a superb sprinter, leaving Thibault with 2nd.

I finished in the reduced field.

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