Monday, 27 April 2015

Tour de Bretagne - stage 1 + 2

After two weeks of blazing sunshine in northern France, the rain came just in time for the Tour de Bretagne. 
The 7 day uci 2.2 tour is a big one for the huge cycling nation of Brittany. 

Stage one started in the rain but the weather soon got better. My legs did not though. It felt like I just couldn't match the speed of the peloton and found myself at the back of the peloton almost the whole race. 

Just as we arrived on the finishing circuit the rain came tumbling down and on the second time round a huge crash took down almost half of the field. I could narrowly avoid going down, but it was a sake of millimeters. 

After that I rolled to the finish at the back of the peloton not wanting to take any risks fighting at the front. 

Stage 2 started with more rain. I actually wanted to be in the break on this day (it's a lot safer with the rain and I didn't want to spend another day at the back), but after 85 km the break still hadn't left and we had a furious 48km/h average speed for more than 2hours. 

Soon after the peloton split on a wet descend and I was in the last group. Quite a blow for the morale. Luckily many guys were eager to come back and drove the group hard until we came back to the peloton. 

Again I felt like I couldn't match the speed and was hanging at the back of the group on the circuit when it came bucketing down from the heavens again. With a bit more than 2 laps to go I was out the back again and rode over the finish line more than 5 minutes down of the winner. 
My goal is not the GC in this tour so it doesn't matter that much, but it disappointing nonetheless. 
Hoping for 5 better stages now.


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