Monday, 27 April 2015

Tour de Bretagne - stage 3

The third day of the Tour de Bretagne was the longest stage at 193 km and after the super fast stage the day before most of the riders were hoping for a controlled/easy day. 
The weather was nice and I tried my luck to be in the break, got away with 2 other guys momentarily but we got caught again. Soon after at about km 25, 2 guys went clear and the peloton let them go and started cruising along. There was a lot of chatting and laughing going on.

However that changed at the first KOM when a few teams decided to spoil the tea party and absolutely smashed it up the climb. Beforehand there was a small bridge that basically only allowed the peloton to pass in single file so it was all stretched out and made it even harder. 

About 15 guys rode away and, despite BMC immediately taking up the chase, soon got over a minute and a half. A hectic chase followed with more and more teams starting to work in attempt to bring it back. It definitely was a clever move, but I hated them for ruining my peaceful day. 

Just before the second KOM at km 106 we finally caught them (yes it took that long, and no we weren't cruising, it was fullgas all the time) and the counter attacks started. 

I was surprisingly well positioned throughout the day and reached the summit with quite a select group, but the rest came back soon after and it got real messy again. On the second KOM at 120 km again I was right up there, but already started feeling a little tired as we created the top. 

As we came onto the final circuit I was starting to hurt. The speed again had been immensely high throughout the day and it was taking its toll on me. However the first time up the tough climb I was still in the first 40 riders. 
On the second lap there was a crash about 3 km before the climb though and I got caught behind it. Luckily I had some eager workers with me and they brought us back to the group shortly after the climb. 

Some encouraging words by my teammate made me move up again just to be pushed out towards the back a few minutes later again. 

The final time up the climb was ok, but afterwards there was a slight crosswind, the guy in front of me exploded and I couldn't close the gap. We spent a few km in the convoy and got back with 3 km to go. 

Unfortunately someone dropped his chain in front of me right before the steep rise with 500m to go and I lost all my momentum. As I was towards the back already I let them go and cruised to the line some seconds down. No use to waste my energy on that, still 4 days to go.


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