Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tour de Bretagne - Stage 4

The fourth stage started in sunny conditions in the picturesque village of Plogoff la Pointe du Raz (Google it, you won't regret it). Again a day of 190 with undulating roads awaited us. This time however there was a tailwind for almost all of the day, making it dangerous for the peloton because they might not be able to bring the break back if it's 5 or more guys. 

At first though it seemed like 2 riders would be in the break for the day, however the team with the race leader loves to attack and seemingly doesn't want to work (even after day 4) so they started attacking again and the 2 were caught soon after. 

A furious pace followed (due to the tailwind) and although I was well placed when the big group of about 16 riders left, I couldn't follow because I had nothing left to accelerate. 

Almost all the teams were represented upfront, so our DS decided we should chase, which seemed useless to me but I followed orders anyway, and together with 2 other teams we rolled through. 
Luckily I got called off work soon after because I'm supposed to ride well on the next stage which is pretty tough. That saved me, I don't think I would've finished the race if I had to keep working for longer, my legs were absolutely broken. 

Luckily now we were sitting in front and no one tried to push us out because we still had two riders working. However they got called off a bit later too and things got complicated again. 

The finishing circuit had a long climb in it, however it was a climb you could sprint up in the big blade. At least that's what they did the first lap. I barely managed to hang on and the rest of the lap was downhill, leaving me badly positioned the second time up. 

I cracked and rode to the finish in the grupetto, more than 8 minutes down on the leader. So far this hasn't been the best tour for me but let's hope I will be able to pull off what my team wants me to pull off tomorrow up the Mur de Bretagne.

Video's: (this is a must watch!)

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