Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tour de Bretagne - Stage 6

The rain was already present in the neutral zone on stage 6 and didn't stop until we got to the circuits. There it stopped raining for a bit but then came back for the last few times round.
After my big breakdown the day before I was really scared I would get dropped before halfway of the race, because as you can imagine I was still feeling terrible.

However for the first time in this tour, a small break went off the front and some teams decided to control instead of attack the whole day through. It saved my life, because even going at 35km/h I was feeling like almost going over my limit (and the average speed of the stage was still above 40km/h).

At km 98 there was a King of the Mountain and the attacks came again from the peloton. I still struggled but was surprisingly able to stay with the group and found myself moving up a lot of places on the following KOM at km 102. Afterwards I struggled staying in the strung out group, but managed to get onto the circuit in the reduced peloton. However most of the riders managed to come back on the first lap, as the circuit wasn't overly hard.

Actually I wanted to attack in the last 2 laps, just to show myself for once, but never really got the chance to on the 2nd last lap and the last one my legs gave in again. Still, finishing in the peloton felt like a huge success and there was only one more day to go.


Beautiful weather... Not!

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