Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tour de la Manche - Stage 2a TT

A double stage was scheduled for the second day, with a 14 km Time Trial in the morning. It was not an easy course with a lot of ups and downs but it seemed to suit me as we did the reckon as part of the warm up. 

So I hoped my itchy throat would survive, but I wasn't feeling more sick than the day before so it was fine. 

The first 5 km were good, then it turned to okay and in the last 5 km I just couldn't find that extra gear to accelerate over the small hills and out of the corners. I felt like stopping and cruising to the finish. Of course I didn't though. 

I ended up in 10th place (first from the team by 1 second) and moved up to 8th overall, 26 seconds behind the leader. Not bad at all. Although I wouldn't consider it my best time trial, it apparently was a solid ride and gave me a lot of possibilities to improve my overall over the last 3 stages
(Unfortunately also a lot of possibilities to crack). 

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