Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tour de la Manche - Stage 4

The last day didn't start well. I was super motivated because the team had been riding well all weekend and I actually enjoyed riding this tour, but I could've probably filled a waterbottle before the start with the fluids coming out of my nose.

Not feeling too tired though I decided to start and see how it goes. After all I didn't think I'd make the first day and it turned out fine.

However it was different this time. Even though I fought hard to get to the front I don't think I managed a better position than 30th wheel from the back. It wasn't like my legs were hurting or I was in a lot of pain, but there was just nothing. It felt like everyone else was riding with a little motor hidden inside their bike; I just couldn't keep up.

Then there were 2 incidents where I almost rode into the guy in front of me because my reaction time was super slow and my concentration and focus were close to non-existent.
I fought on for what seemed like forever, but finally decided to abandon after I almost came down again because I didn't see someone braking quick enough. To my surprise we hadn't been racing for more than 20km and it felt like 50 to me. It was definitely time to stop.

Disappointed (but not regretting my decision to stop) I was sitting in a chair on the final circuit, soaking up the sun and watching my teammates ride a superb race. Jules almost managed a victory but had to be content with 2nd on the day and Thibault won the bunch sprint for 7th. Illness really always comes at the worst time possible.

Now I'll try to recover quick, try to put in a short break, maybe a quick trip to Switzerland and then restart for the second part of the season.

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