Monday, 22 June 2015

Grand Prix de Guichen

It's been a long while since I've last done a race so naturally this one would be to shake the spiderwebs off my legs and get the motor going again.
The race consisted of 3 different circuits, all to be covered multiple times, over short but steep and stingy climbs. Definitely not an easy course.

The first 30 km were absolutely terrible for me. Although I could stay upfront and in the mix for most of the time, I felt like standing still more than a few times.
A group of about 14 riders left and naturally we had no one in there (we were only 3 riders from the team, one who doesn't like any sorts of climbs and the other one recently coming back from sickness). However I did manage to get into a chase group of 7 later on and we went super hard to catch the break. A long section of a false downhill with a tailwind made this a bit harder than it should.

With 40km to go we came back to the break, but now no one wanted to work anymore and the peloton came back to 20 seconds. This caused some riders to attack in attempt to stay away and I got dropped on a steep 400m wall.
I found myself in a chase group again and slowly but surely we were making our way back to the first group, which was more and more split into pieces.

With one lap (6 km) I got dropped again, got overtaken by a few riders from the back (apparently the peloton was in pieces too though) and finished 23.

Looking down at my average power after the race I knew why I had suffered so much. 273 watts for over 3 hours is quite a lot for a guy that weighs just over 62 kg.

Still I had mixed feelings. I knew it was a good race to get back into the racing shape again and I had been in the right moves at the right places, but somehow just lacked that little bit of power to accelerate over the last part of the steep climbs. Racing with my training wheels (again) also didn't help too much.
All in all it was a positive feeling though and I was looking forward to some climbing at Tour Nivernais Morvan the following week.

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