Thursday, 16 July 2015

Tour des Deux Sevres - Stage 2

On the second day my good legs disappeared. For the first 30km I was hanging towards the back of the peloton, wondering if I had punctured about 5 times because I felt like I couldn't go the same speed as the others. 

When I finally made it to the front, I made two jumps to a group upfront and found myself in the breakaway. 

My teammate came across to us for a while, but he was well placed overall so the GC riders didn't want to let us go although we were riding like mad men. To not doom us all he dropped back to the peloton and we got a good gap. 

I was happy to be in the break because we were on narrow, crappy roads all day with lots of gravel on some parts and I imagine it was super dangerous to be in the peloton at some points. 
However the legs were still not great and the heat didn't help my case. 

We had a good gap until about 30km to go when it started to slowly come down. My breakmates panicked and started driving hard, which resulted in most of them hardly being able to make a turn 15 km later. The gap was coming down fast and we all pretty much gave up except one rider. 
He attacked on a long drag and we all let him go because the peloton was close behind and we thought he was going to get caught just a few kilometers after us. 

Although the peloton was going super fast the last 15km, we never caught him and he won by a handful of seconds. Don't ask me how! 

All in all it wasn't a bad day, but I was broken afterwards. The heat and spending almost all day riding into a headwind took their toll on me. 
Plus that tiny regret of not going with the winner when he attacked...

Watch me in the breakaway here:

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